The company offers high quality services and solutions, in the fields of technical and economic studies, specialized technical and consulting services, on the design, management and implementation of public and private projects co-financed by national and European financial instruments and private funds.

Exelixis provides services in the fields of design and adoption of modern and innovative methods and practices in business as well as in the design and financing of infrastructure for environmental management, renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.

SME investment projects

Design and management of small and large-scale private projects and investments by deploying all available financial instruments deriving from the European Commission or National funds.

Private investment Projects/ Development Law 4399/2016

Integrated services in the design and implementation phase of a wide range of investment projects.

Technical consultancy services

Planning, organizing, monitoring and evaluating the progress of complex projects for both the public and private sector for both their maturation and implementation period.

Energy Efficiency projects

Integrated solutions to minimize consumption and improve energy efficiency for private and public sector projects.

Development, Planning and Investment Attraction for Public and Private projects

Development, strategic planning and attracting investment, for public or public/private projects. Creating synergies between public and private sectors by utilizing all available financial resources, private funds and bank lending channels.