SME investment projects

Design and management of small and large-scale private projects and investments by deploying all available financial instruments deriving from the European Commission or National funds.

The challenges of the new era, the volatile and competitive economic environment and the difficulties faced in business worldwide, require a modern and agile perception of business operation.  The consequences of the covid-19 pandemic, in the short and medium to long term, as well as the ten-year economic downturn faced by the Greek economy, have brought significant changes in the way Greek businesses are organized and operate.

Adaptation to the “new normal”, digital transformation, distance working and developing a green business mentality are the new topics in the day-to-day operation of SME’s in their effort to move from uncertainty to opportunity.

The available financial resources, the National and European Financial Instruments such as the NSRF (National Strategic Reference Framework), the European Recovery Fund, the Public Investment Programme and other tools, together with own private funds and bank lending channels, are, if used efficiently, a driver of growth for any SME seeking to modernize, and improve its competitiveness and market position.

Exelixis – Management & Development Consultants, having many years of experience in the design, and management of investment projects, is the valuable partner of any company that seeks to make the most of every opportunity and get through the tough times businesses are facing.