Development Planning and Investment Attraction for Public and Private projects

Our company and its external partners offer a full range of services starting from project conception right up to completion including project identification, project preparatory technical assistance, physical survey, techno-economic feasibility study, field surveys/investigations, environmental and social impact assessment, economic studies, detailed design and engineering, procurement assistance, construction supervision, project management and monitoring, post evaluation, implementation supervision/assistance, post implementation evaluation etc.

Exelixis is highly diversified in expertise and sectorial specialization providing services for a wide range of disciplines which include civil, mechanical, electrical & power engineering, energy, education, tourism, water resources management and waste water treatment, environmental engineering and ecology, harbors and ports, information and communication technology (ICT), and other infrastructure sectors etc.

We also focus in the development and strategic planning, with a view to attracting investment funds, for public or public/private projects, by creating synergies between public and private sectors.

In this context, the new role of the Municipalities in Greece, as actors for the implementation of important public investments and foreign direct investments (fdi), is highlighted, with a view to development, social well-being, but also to ensure their economic soundness, so that they continue to provide high added value services to both the citizens and the business community of their region.

Exelixis – Management & Development Consultants, provides integrated services that are part of the broad scope of planning, organizing, managing, monitoring, controlling and evaluating development and investment programmes, actions and initiatives, supporting the development of a strategy and recognition and implementation of actions, proposals and projects.