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Energy Efficiency projects

Energy saving, in enterprises and organizations, is a priority and objective – a commitment for all Member States of the European Union (EU)   for the years to come.  Greece is among the top five EU countries with the lowest investment by companies in energy efficiency in 2019, according to a recent report by the European Investment Bank.

Improving a company’s energy efficiency status brings significant and multiple benefits ,  for both itself and the environment, since it contributes, in reducing operating costs, with the immediate consequence of increasing its competitiveness,  also protecting the environment by reducing its environmental footprint. It is therefore important when any environmental protection technology or installation of renewable energy systems in a business is applied,   to ensure at the same time that its energy efficiency is improved.

Solutions, that combine energy storage technologies and applications and take advantage of the opportunities provided by the legal framework for the use of net and virtual net metering techniques, can reduce the energy costs of a business even by 100%.

Exelixis – Management & Development Consultants and its partners, based on their broad experience and know-how, manage public and private financed energy efficiency projects,   design, compose and implement integrated solutions to minimize consumption and improve energy efficiency, being the most valuable partner of any company in the region aiming to its transition to the “green” economy.