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Private investment under Development Law 4399/2016

The new Development Law 4399/2016, adopts new and innovative approaches to achieve its objectives by combining a “mixture” of direct capital aid (direct subsidy) and tax exemptions. It establishes a cap on the amount of aid (€5 million per investment project, €10 million per company, €20million per group of companies) by establishing “Special Categories of Aid” which are combined with geographical criteria. Its main objectives are to restart investment particularly in directions of strategic importance for the Country (industry, tourism, manufacturing) and to decrease unemployment supporting new and existing enterprises.

Means of achieving these objectives are technological upgrading, the formation of a new extrovert national identity(branding),the strengthening of cooperation between enterprises but also between public and private sectors, the improvement of the country’s position in terms of its competitiveness in areas of high added value and knowledge intensity, the modernisation and increase in the size of enterprises and ultimately the upgrading to “value chains” towards the production of more complex products and the provision of higher quality services.

Exelixis – Management & Development Consultants, focusing on its clients’ most critical issues and opportunities has a 100% success in all the proposals submitted for funding by the Development Law. The company also provides integrated services in the implementation phase of the projects, by organizing, managing, monitoring, controlling and evaluating the development of the investment programmes.